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This week I spent days crafting a perfect container host moving my unRAID server from bare to virt, the lack of sleep was worth it. I was still finishing some stuff so I'm still shutting it down often, vCenter would bring it back minutes later each time. The last time, just like the previous  dozen times I assumed it went I got some alerts a bunch of hosts (containers) were down and I found out that the server was wipe clean. Like a factory reset or something. I had 4 VLANs in unRAID and on the initial prompt I'd get the name of the server plus something about joining Active Directory, no there's no bind message and it says Tower, instead of it regular hostname.


Where are settings saved? I though it was in the USB drive, which unlike a virtual disk, plugs in a host and follows around the VM no matter in which host there is. There's not much chance for corruption let alone this that looks super clean with no traces it was ever a working system --sidenote: I just realized bc of virtualization… this might be a literal clusterf**k. 😂-- Anyway… bad jokes aside, any ideas what could've gone wrong? Is it fixable? I have not touched unRAID beyond logging into the now-passwordless root account via the console and issue `ip link show` to check if the interfaces were still there, they are not. I don't want to screw it up further.



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Your symptoms are typical of a failed mount of the USB for some reason.


Because you are virtualizing Unraid, the causes and fixes are probably linked to the host and how you are attaching the USB.


Virtualizing Unraid isn't officially supported, so your best chance of getting help is in this section where others are discussing how they accomplished successful virtualized setups.

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