My 1st UNRAID project - Poweredge R510

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Unraid - Homelab, NAS and Media Server - 1st Build (Not 100% complete(configuration)) 

Dell Poweredge R510 8bay - 2x Xeon E5645 6c/12t w/ 80Gb ECC RAM
2x onboard NIC's + NetXtreme II BCM5716 Gigabit Ethernet 4 port PCIe card.
PERC H200 - LSI HBA SAS2008 - Flashed in IT mode.
3TB Sata Parity - 3 + 2 TB sata, 600 + 400 x 3 Gb SAS drives.
Cache pool - 500Gb sata M.2 + 250 Gb NVMe PCIe   *****require heat syncs - hitting 70 degrees at times.

2x 750w hot-plug PSU


Power Consumption - monitored with efergy inline meter.
- Prior to power up - ~21.3w being consumed by 8 port switch, wireless repeater and server standby.

- 1st boot(warm) ~209w
- Mem check and bios phase ~190w
- System services starting(iDrac, SAS controller, Network interface etc.) ~210w
- UNRAID Boot and hard drive start phase ~270w and peak at 311.3w.
- Settled at ~220w.


Yet to complete configuration, will edit post once I finalize happy config.



Unraid Server Build - Imgur.png

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