i7 6700 locked/stuck at 800mhz


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I believe I'm having an issue with my 6700 not increasing it's clock speed. I'm running a Dell Optiplex 7050Micro, 16GB of RAM.

I am also running this to check and even when reaching 100% usage in my Windows VM it doesn't increase it's speed. I also enabled Intel Turbo Boost and Performance CPU under the 'Tips & Tricks' plugin.


root@optiplex:~# grep MHz /proc/cpuinfo
cpu MHz         : 800.007
cpu MHz         : 800.018
cpu MHz         : 799.978
cpu MHz         : 800.067
cpu MHz         : 800.002
cpu MHz         : 800.046
cpu MHz         : 800.013
cpu MHz         : 800.092

Windows also sees it being stuck at 800mhz. Performance is relatively slow when giving it 3 cores (with the equally paired threads). I checked my BIOS settings to make sure Turbo and intel's speed step were enabled. Everything seems fine on that front.


I'm confused if this is just something of a bug with Unraid and the VM's, or if something else fishy is going on. Does anyone have possible suggestions on maybe why this is happening? Thank you :)


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