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i am testing a second Unraid Server for the purpose of Backup - Storage


What i did :


1. attached one of the fastest  12 TB HDD arround (WD Ultrastar DC HC520)

2. run the preclear test

3. "XFS" Format

4. attached via USB to my main Unraid  server (with ZFS Pool as main Storage) and copied via midnight commander the Data over... 

5. this was done with 5 externa HDD in total, the transfer speed was arround 220 MB/s, all bandnew HDD where tested before with "preclear"

3 then i plugged all 5 Drives via Sata into the new Backup system (AMD Ryzen 5 3400G 48GB RAM ASROCK 450 PRO )

4. build from those xtfs formated 5 HDD a new array witch is pretty much "full"  88% space used (a 18TB HDD is on the way to me for parity ...)

5. after all  - Array was mounted i added the Shares - etc


It ended in a horrbile result... a new built share on the new system i can read and write with full Lan Speed (1G right now - 10G is ready to be plugged in ...)

but adding a previous filled up "Backup Share"  ... the system does ot repsond for 5-10 minutes on each command i do withhin windows explorer (Change Directories for example)


If i use the command line and try via "mc" the system is pretty speedy and i can dive into those directories pretty quick


But browsing via Windows is close to impossible ( i check each HDD Contains about 1 Million Files and many many directories)


i removed the Array and added each HDD as unassigned Device and "Shared it via SMB all super smooth without any hickups


What can /has to be done to fix this ?



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