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Hey All,


I've read the other posts on this, but I just want to make sure my understanding is correct before I do this.  Basically my USB stick suddenly went RO and can't be accessed via unRaid.  I can still read it within Windows, so my plan is to copy it to a new USB, plug it in and reboot.  Once the GUI comes back up, I will transfer the license to the new USB.  My understanding is that this should be a transparent process.  Is my understanding correct?  Is there anything else I should be aware of?





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Well I ended up buying myself a new key, as it's been radio silence from @limetech.  I suspect that something out of the ordinary happened, since in nearly the decade I've been using unRaid, they've always been very responsive.  Even last week Jon was getting back to me within 30 minutes, I just couldn't line up a time to get the new key setup.


I hope everyone is all good :)



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23 hours ago, Spritzup said:

So does anyone know if I can use a temporary license until Limetech gets back to me regarding moving my key over? I'm sort of dead in the water without a valid key (no plex, no PC's, nothing)



A bit late, but the answer to this is yes.  Use a different flash.  So long as you know your drive assignments (and if you don't know but have been using the Appdata backup plugin, a file named DISK_ASSIGNMENTS.txt exists on the original flash) you're basically good to go.  Copy over /config to the new flash, delete super.dat and the .key file, and register it as a trial.

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