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Temperatures frozen

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Hello everyone,


I'm actually trying Unraid (And I love it). I've already watched tutorials (thanks Space invader one if you read me !) However I'm running into issues when it comes to temperatures & fan monitoring in general:

- temperatures are shown but are "frozen" and doesn't refresh no matter what I do, either they're completely frozen or the refresh time is way too long.

- The temperatures are different from the IPMI interface

- Thought about going to the plugin page and post my issue, however the issue is not plugin related, I've gone to console and use `watch -n 1 sensors` and temperatures doesn't refresh there too, however the plugin is picking them correctly

- Last, might be a plugin related issue, I don't see any of my fans even if my board got more than 5 pwm fan connectors that are connected to Noctua A14 PWM fans (that are running)


Beside that temperatures displayed are "normal" and "realistic" between 30 to 40°c, and from time to time the threshold od the ssd kicks in when I use them intensively, it just takes a LONG time to refresh


Do you have an idea how can I investigate/solve the issue ?

Please find attached some pictures :
IPMI interface temperatures :



Temperatures in Unraid interface:


watch sensors command in console:




used driver and configuration:



Finally, here all available temperature sensors:




Thank you very much for your read, can you please help me ?


Best regards,


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Thank you very much for your fast response.


Alright, let's say if I want to completely remove the plugin(in case I can't solve that issue), the problem is sensors-lm isn't uninstalled in the process.

What's the equivalent of apt or yum in Unraid ?



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