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So yeah, I'm currently running an Avoton board, the ASRock Rack C2750d4i. It's treated me fairly well, but it's getting on in age and I've just made an investment in two new rack-mount server cabinets so everything is due for a rotation. 
I want to use the avoton board for my backup server, to replace a "temporary", now going on two years, Celeron based solution, due to the extremely low power consumption, and get something with just a bit more oomph for daily operations. 

Running Plex is my primary use, but I also have owncloud and a few other services running. 

Essentially I'm hoping for more snappyness overall. Most of my equipment can do direct-play so transcoding isn't a huge priority. 

I've looked over what's available but it quickly becomes tricky to find hardware when you have some specific needs. 


IPMI is a must. I'm too used to it by now, and it's come in handy once or twice. 

Dual NIC's. I am using gigabit at home still, but future proofing won't hurt me. 

I would prefer ECC memory. 

Performance per watt is a factor. 


Specifically I'd prefer some direct recommendations from other UnRaid users, for obvious reasons, so hit me up! 🙂


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