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(Solved) USB drives disconnecting randomly

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I have a new fresh install of unraid Version: 6.9.0-beta25 and I have selected my 10 drives to be part of the array. 8 of those drives are connected to an HBA, 2 of them are connected via USB 3.1 in an external 4 bay case. the 2 that are connected through USB keep dropping at around 1-2 percent:



I know the drives are good, I cannot see them in system devices. This is the 4 bay device:



The mobo is an Asus Zenith Extreme II Alpha if that matters. 


best i can tell, the usb enclosure is an HBA. 


Any Ideas?


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We don't recommend using USB for array devices, as they are usually poor at error handling and have a tendency to drop.

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The only difference between eSATA and SATA is the connector. You can get a cable that will go from one to the other. Note however that there would still be a bottleneck due to multiple drives on one port, and that would be very apparent with parity operations such as check, sync, rebuilding any disk.

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I understand that, although I didnt know you could get a cable to go from one to the other. that is pretty cool. 


Full Disclosure:


the whole system has 3 GPUs in 3 of the slots. in the 4th slot there is an 8 port HBA. so 8 of my drives are there. I am using 4 of the onboard sata ports. the other 4 are disabled due to an nvme drive in the back slot. I also have 4 other nvme drives. this is a new mobo and was trying to hook up all my drives. I have 2 more that I figured could go USB, but that doesnt work. If I could just get those last drives connected......

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do you know how long I looked for one of those????


all I could find was expanders (and they still took up another pcie slot)

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1 minute ago, TheSkaz said:

expanders (and they still took up another pcie slot)

The RES2SV240 doesn't need to be in a slot, even though it has the connector. All it needs is power.

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