Issues when switching routers/local ip


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Hi everyone,


I recently upgraded my home network router.  Following a recommendation from spaceinvader one, I switched my local ip address to one that was not common (e.g.


Putting in a new router, I was not able to choose the same local IP address ( unfortunately.  The interface considers it an invalid IP address.  I settled on  The settings in unraid, more or less, seemed to have automatically adjusted to this new choice in local IP.  However, there are some lingering issues.  My nextcloud server basically exploded on me, and I'm trying to figure that out.  I might decide to end up deleting everything (except the data itself) and starting up fresh.


The most annoying thing though, is that since changing my router/local ip, it seems like my docker containers can get confused and not correctly identify when I am on my local network.  Plex does not automatically direct play, and cites the reasoning for it being that my bitrate is not high enough to support direct play.  It doesn't seem to know I'm streaming while on my local network, even though if I look on the network graph within plex all the traffic/data is correctly categories as local.  Once I manually switch the quality to original, it direct plays as normal.


If anyone has any advice, on how to deal with a change in local IP, without blowing up all your settings/containers, please let me know

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42 minutes ago, jonathanm said:

That is not a valid choice, it's a routable  address owned by some company.

You must choose a private IP

Okay, thank you for showing me this (UnRaid has become a hobby for me recently, and I'm trying to learn about networking). Do you think this is the reason my containers freaked out?

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