[SOLVED] Best 8T Bang4Buck?

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AFAIK thats a SMR drive so I wouldn't use it in parity, I've used SMR for data and they were OK.


Personally I've been shucking 8TB WD Mybook or Elements which had Hitachi He8 drives in, however these are now being replaced by a 5 platter drive which uses air rather than helium and runs 5-6C hotter. Warrenty will be void but the retail drive has 5yr so likely to reasonably robust in unraid.



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I thought above 4 or 6, you were OK? Guess that's just WD drives; and I'm still not even sure about that 🙄


When you say "shucking"...you mean pulling the drives, out of MyBook enclosures? Maybe I'm not following; aren't those external units, wayyy more expensive??


P.S. A quick search...and it looks like IronWolf/Pro and Barracuda Pro (in SG), are CMR at 8T

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4 hours ago, CDLehner said:

The IronWolf ST8000VN004 is ~$205. The WD Red Plus, is around the same price. That's CMR, right?


What about the HGST Ultrastar He8 HUH728080AL4200? I assume the He is Helium, and this is CRM? Buck Fitty


P.S. WTH is PMR?? 🤔


Over in UK, I can get the 8TB WD external drives for ~£120-£130 on sale or from EU, just have to wait for the very common sales. Cheapest bare drives are £180 for the Segate SMR, while Ironwolf are £200 and WD Red are £220. I've shucked ~20 drives in the last 12 years and only had one fail in use which was a 500GB Seagate 7200.10. Even then, it didn't fail but it developed a hum and has since been used as a scratch drive on the bench. I think it didn't like mounting on it's narrow edge as it's quiet flat. 

 I'll take the chance on warranty rather paying top price to get back a refurb warranty drive I wouldn't really trust.


For the WD shucks I was getting WD80EMAZ or WD80EZAZ which which both have the Helium counter in SMART so are likely the HGST Helium drives. 

I did have one very recent drive which is WD80EDAZ, Goggle suggest this is the 5 platter air drive. I can confirm it has no Helium counter in the SMART and runs ~5-6C warmer that other drives in the same enclosure and acutally increased the temp of the drive next to by 2-3C.

Most likely this is the newly launched WD Ultrastar DC HC320 8TB SATA Enterprise HDD 7200rpm HUS728T8TALE6L4. I had to place a fan on the enclosure during a pre shuck test as the drive hit 60C in the plastic shroud without, In my enclosure it's below 40C in a parity check so not really an issue in a case with reasonable cooling.


Iron wolf, Iron wolf pro are stated as CMR, HGST He8 is also CMR 


PMR is Perpendicular Magnetic Recording, effectively it's a way to make the read/write head smaller by using a vertical alignment. To my knowledge you can use PMR heads to write CMR (parallel) or SMR(shingled) tracks to the disk.


Unraid doesn't need matching drives so to avoid a bad batch, you can always buy a mix of drives. My 8TB drives were bought over ~12 months as I upgraded from 3/4TB.





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