best drive for Blueray ripping???


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Hello, I have some Blueray dvd's I would like to rip. What drive have you guys found to be the best for this?  I would also like to use it to play a wide assortment of disks in addition to ripping.


Also, what software/app do you guys use that works in Unraid?  I have MakeMKV and Handbrake, but neither of them will play anything directly in Unraid, displayed on my TV.  Is there anything that will allow for that?

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I cannot speak to "best" but I use a Buffalo BRXL-PT6U2VB that been re-flashed to a more friendly firmware.  There is a guy on the Makemkv forum that will either sell you a pre-flashed drive or you can send him your drive to be "corrected".  I would give you the direct link, but I am not sure that is allowed here. 


I have not found any software to play movies from Unraid, but I also haven't really looked.  I currently use Plex to play movies on the T.V. or a Win10 PC at my desk attached via the network to the Unraid server. 

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LG WH16NS60 with makemkv, supports 4k blurays with firmware update. Also a pioneer drive for standard blurays, can't remember the model. I've had others in the past, never had any trouble with any working with makemkv, so I'm not sure if there's a best.


For direct play I've tried using a windows 10 VM with a passthrough blu-ray drive with anydvdhd, but it just wasn't reliable unless I passed through the entire sata controller the drive was on.


Realistically I can rip a disc and have it playing in 30-40 minutes, so I just gave up on direct playing them.

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As far as I am aware, for DVDs and normal HD blu-rays, MakeMKV does not have specific requirements (although I only use MakeMKV under Windows).  If you need to rip 4K blu-rays, then MakeMKV has very specific requirements that the drive be one described as "UHD friendly".  This thread on the MakeMKV forums gives pretty comprehensive details.  (Hope it's OK to link to there from here...)  


Note that for some drives, the firmware needs to be earlier than a specified version, and downgrading from later versions may not always be possible (lots of details in that thread).  For what it's worth I use the Asus BW-16D1HT, but bought 2 or 3 years ago. 

Edit: I should add that I only rip to my server - I don't generally play from the optical drive.  The only time the disc gets played properly is very rare and in the Blu-ray player under the TV... :)



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I use an LG WH16NS40 with modified 1.02 firmware. 


Direct playing from disc is a hassle as everything (drive, video card, display, etc. has to support Blu-Ray/UHD).  It's not as ubiquitous as DVD was back in the day.


Just rip the disc and deal with it digitally, much, much easier.

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