LSI Megaraid Tri-Mode for Cache

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Hi all!


I got my hands on a LSI Megaraid 9460-16i card recently, and it supports 1xNVME/4xSAS/4xSATA on each of its 4x SFF-8643 connectors. I was thinking of using a pair of NVME disks for a mirror cache pool, and using the remaining 8x SAS/SATA connections for my storage pool, like what's shown in the picture but with SATA disks.


Is there any reason this would give me issues? I have never used NVME before, and know SSD's are not recommended for the storage pool disks.



Screenshot 2020-09-21 114440.png

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15 minutes ago, rattlehead05 said:

It's got a software switch to change it to "JBOD Mode"

Still likely to use the mrsas drivers, instead of the HBA's mpt2sas driver, but like I said it might still work, and if you have one it's worth trying, just be aware of the limitations of using a RAID controller with Unraid.

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