6.9.0beta25 Killing Wake On LAN


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After upgrading to above beta version I can no longer WOL that server.

The g WOL option was enabled in the "Sleep" plugin (as before).

The ethtool ... instruction was never required before, but after upgrading it was there in the box Custom commands before sleep. This did not help.

Than I removed it (to restore the situation as before). Again to no avail.

Then re-added the instruction to both the before and after box. Again to no avail.

Note: Instead of sleep I had to use shutdown, because of an SAS addon card which would otherwise not initialize and thus missing a number of harddrives. But as WOL worked while using the shutdown option in the sleep plugin, it was even better; even less power usage.


Any advice?

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  • 6 months later...

As SpaceInvaderOne's excellent videos will cover 6.9.x from now on, I decided to put all my three servers on it, despite one of them without WOL (and basically having to run up and down as it is a media - and main backup server not running all the time). So today I went in deep trying to fix it. Which I found / did!


Apparently, the command "Custom commands before sleep:" in the Sleep plugin "ethtool -s eth0 wol g" is not being executed. 


By just removing the command from the Sleep plugin, and creating a bash script to run at each array start the WOL is operational again.



- If not already, install the "User Scripts" plugin;

- Optionally and recommended, if you want it to appear on the menu tabs, install plugin "Custom Tab"

- Create a new plugin, like "ReActivateWOL", with the following lines:


ethtool -s eth0 wol g

and save changes.


- Instead of "Schedule Disabled" change to "At Startup of Array" (maybe "At Stopping of Array" also works, did not try that yet)

- and click Done.


To ReActivateWOL:

- Stop Array

- Start Array


Now WOL should work again after Sleep and even after Shutdown (in my case).


Hope it will work for you too.

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