Will trying my key in several drives get it banned?


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I sort of lost the flash drive where I had unRAID among a handful of identical flash drives, even same capacity. A while back I copied the contents of the drive to my computer and that backs to another server, I have the key somewhere and I have the flash drive but I don't know which is it--also--I wiped it in an emergency--so all of these drives have something like ESXi or Fedora on them.


I already changed my key to a different flash drive in the past (which I still have, right in front of me) and I don't think it's been a year since that happened. Furthermore, this all came about because a hypervisor/network restructuring that took down among many thing my email server; I think it is still offline so even if I could change it again already, I might not have a working email server* to receive the key.


If I create a bunch of unRAID copies and add my key to each to test which works, could the consecutive failures of different drives with my key get it banned? If so what's a safe number to try before I should stop. I'm such a scatterbrain that retrying the same wrong drive several times is practically a given so I need to prepare, mark them, align them like a kindergartener or something. :/




*: it is working and powered on, it's just not properly routed.

Note to self: I need to get the font of this board, it's a business sans serif but not boring. :)

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