New NVMe Cache drive missing


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I replaced my SSD cache drive in favor of a NVME drive on Sunday.  Monday morning, when I woke up, I got a notification that the drive was missing.  I restarted the Unraid server and the drive came back online.  I went ahead and made a copy of the drive then for an additional backup.  Wednesday, I woke up to the same message and a reboot brought the drive back.  I installed the latest BIOS updates for my motherboard on Wednesday hoping that would help.  Drive worked great all of Thursday and it just failed again.  I actually grabbed the diagnostics this time.


I'm trying to decide if the NVME drive is defective or is it a bad port on my motherboard?




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This sometimes helps:


Some NVMe devices have issues with power states on Linux, try this, on the main GUI page click on flash, scroll down to "Syslinux Configuration", make sure it's set to "menu view" (on the top right) and add this to your default boot option, after "append" and before "initrd=/bzroot"



Reboot and see if it makes a difference, if it doesn't best bet is to get a different model NVMe or board.

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