10G RJ45 copper cards - Different power consumption?


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2 hours ago, Mor9oth said:

You mean something like this, right?

Not cheap (180 Euro)


Use Geizhals to find dual cards. The QNAP QXG-10G2T-107 seems to be the cheapest. But I can not guarantee that the drivers will work in Unraid. So order it with return option, so you can test it. The Intel X540-T2 could be a choice, too, but beware, many of them are fake (but seem to work without problems).

2 hours ago, Mor9oth said:

but I guess the heatsink is because the card gets hot - means a lot of energy/cost? Could not find any information about power consumption.


This is my research result regarding power consumption (for single cards):


X557-AT 3,4W TDP (not sure if total or only the controller)



X550-AT 8W TDP (a X550-T1 network card should consume 8.4W)



82599 7,1W TDP (specification page 988)

https://ark.intel.com/content/www/de/de/ark/products/series/32609/intel-82599-10-gigabit-ethernet-controller.html (laut 


Marvell/Aquantia AQC107 ~6W

Measured by myself (in idle)


Finally I don't know if the Intel values are idle or max values.


Onboard 10G ports need also a heatsink. But it seems that the TDP became smaller in the newer intel controller generations. While the X540 had such a big heat sink, you will find a really small one on this board (with Dual Intel X557) :



But at the moment I was not able to find X557 network adapters. Only this Mezzanine-Module:



This "monster" uses two different controllers ^^




Sadly really nobody seems to test power consumption of 10gbe cards, but the size of the heatsink looks promising for the X557 as the Aquantia Single port card has the same heatsink size as the Dual Intel X577.

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All Intel and Aquantia will work flawlessly. The only driver problems I know of, are related to the new 2.5G Realtek chip, but as far as I know its solved in the recent 6.9 Beta.


If you want the lowest possible energy consumption, use direct connection between Server and Client, as the active 10G connection to a Switch consumes constantly 3W and if you switch off the client, this would fall away.


PS I should test the power consumption if the connection speed is reduced to 1G.

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