[SOLVED] UDMA CRC error count

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I have the same issue with my Samsung 860 EVO 4 TB in my Mac Pro 5.1 from 2012. The number of errors are increasing all the time. I have another SSD, Samsung 850 EVO 2 TB, without this issue. Both are installed on pcie-cards on the logic board (4 slots). I have also tried with installing the EVO 860 in ordinary HDD-bay but the issue didn’t go away. Is 860 more demanding regarding speed than 850? This old computer has only pcie-2 (USB 2.0) and that can’t be changed.

I would gladly retire this machine, but if I want to stay with Mac, what options do I have? My wish is the new Mac Pro from 2019 but the cost is far too high (5 999 US Dollars in starting price). This computer was bought in April 2013 and was almost old when it was new. And then came Trash-can that autumn. I was shocked. How could they build such a machine? It was ugly and not upgradable. 

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