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2 Arrays 1 BOD and 1 RAID 1 - possible

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Hi There,


I'm new to UNRAID and before I start to dive deep into it, I would like to know if this is possible with UNRAID:


I would like to use 4 Hard Drives, with 2 of them (1x 12TB HDD + 1x 10TB HDD) I would like to make a JBOD without any parity and with the other 2 (2x 1TB SSD) I would like to create a RAID 1.


Is that possible wit UNRAID?


If this is possible I would be very thankful if you can get me hint where I can find the information how to do it.


Thanks in advance and best Regards


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Parity isn't required in the array, and in addition to the array, you can have one (or more with latest beta) pool(s) which support various btrfs raid configurations.

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9 minutes ago, D-ManNo1 said:

there is the multi-array option.

Multi-pools only for now, multi-arrays hopefully in the future.

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One additional question, is an Unraid-pool of 2 devices with the same size automatically a RAID 1 pool?


I cannot found an option where I can choose it, but the size is automatically 2TB (Size of a single disk).

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The default is btrfs raid1, whether 2 or more and regardless of whether they are the same size.


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