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Boot USB turned off

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I started using the unraid trial, everything has been working well so far, however, part way through the day the USB used to boot disconnected from my machine.

This means I can no longer access VM's or docker controls and it looks as though shutdown won't be graceful either.

VMs are still running but the web interface is now all sorts of broken.

Is there a way to get it to pick the USB back up again? USB's going to sleep with inactivity is going to be a common issue.
I also understand that I can't move my configs to an internal drive due to licensing being handled with the USB guid.

So I am needing to give up a USB port as well as stability simply for licensing? Unraid seems great, makes things easier than doing it manually through linux and I was eager to buy a key but this leaves a sour taste in my mouth.

I'm hoping support can clear things up.

Many Thanks,

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Are you still here?  (If you are, I am going to request a Moderator move this thread to the General Support sub-forum where more people will see it!)   You have not given us much to work with--- No Diagnostics, no hardware description, types of VM's and how they are setup. 


First thing, I would suggest is that you make sure that the boot drive are plugged into a USB2 port.  (A few MB/BIOS combinations are notorious for 'losing' the Unraid boot drive when using USB3 ports!)

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