Ability to change options that require array stop without stopping array - hear me out. - An array restart


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I think it would be nice if we could change options that require an array stop while the array is running, and have them as "pending changes" and then be able to simply restart array which would implement those changes. it could be possible to have a notification box popup with list of changes  that will take effect once array is restarted.


In particular for me I run Pfsense in a VM on unraid just so i don't have to have another computer that is always on. If i stop the array my entire network goes down essentially. When i need to make changes that require an array stop i have to reboot into gui and do changes there with the array stopped. then reboot into non-gui mode. which is a lot of down time, and i dont usually have a monitor, keyboard,mouse connected to my unraid computer.

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