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Add 'View Changes' for dockers that have an available update

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Current situation:

When a docker has an update that can be applied, it can be somewhat difficult to track down it's home repository and read through what changes have been made.
Ex: Click docker icon, determine whether 'more info' or 'project page' links to a repo rather than a descriptive website, if a dockerhub page is linked search it to find a link to the github repo, navigate to releases, etc.


Suggested change:

Add a 'View Changes' button next to 'Apply Update' that links to the base repository the docker installation pulls from, specifically to the change history section if present on the site.


This could be supported by having another field to fill when creating templates that is specifically for the change history portion of whatever site the base repo is pointing to, or by guessing based on the domain (ex: you can append '/releases' to the github link).

In theory, I'd like to make this check for every update I make to important dockers, so having a direct link to the releases or change history for these projects would be very convenient.

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You can go directly to the support thread for any of your containers by simply clicking on its icon and selecting Support. Typically any information provided by the developers of a specific container will be linked in the first post of its support thread.

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The more info link always goes to the dockerHub page.  From there you can get to the GitHub page if need be.  (IIRC, the GitHub link on the dockerHub page is generated by a script running on the page and cannot be scraped at all)


Same thing with your base image link.  Even if the dockerfile appears, its generated by a script and cannot be scraped to get the base image.

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