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Debian VM FS is read only after reboot

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Hello all, today after a reboot my debian VM had some weird behaviour after looking into it it appears even as root i cannot touch a file in /.


`touch: cannot touch '/test': Read-only file system`


I created a new VM and after trying to reinstall my services, I ended up with the same error; I don't know if I have a problem with my array or if I'm doing something wrong while installing my  services. Here is the install script for those services in case it can help.


Also here the systemctl output on the VM


What I have tried so far:

- Rebooting the VM and the UNRAID

- Starting the array in maintenance mode to check my drives; nothing look wrong. Here are one of the output (all almost the same)

- Checked the forum for same problem but without much success


I'm lost and don't know what to look for now. Could anyone give me so directions to look into ?


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Please post the diagnostics: Tools -> Diagnostics

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Everything looks fine to me on the Unraid side, so likely a VM issue, moving this to the VM section to see if anyone else can help.

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Ok, thank you. In addition i can say that since aproximately the same moment my VM start acting weird my windows PC (non VM; actual PC) have trouble connecting to the array via the windows network explorer; I have to explicitly mount every share as an network drive. I have seen people say it's due to Win 10 network explorer being garbage but i had no problem for over 6 month prior to that.

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