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I have been using unraid for a couple of weeks now and have been liking it alot.  I currently have my backups rsync to a 1TB USB drive

I just installed a 2TB HDD to store my backups going forward.


I can see the drive under the Unassigned Devices section with the grey box saying format.


Can unraid do the formatting or do I need to run it manually.  


I was hoping I could format and mount in unraid, and just use it as a seperate drive to rsync  to it for backups.  

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16 minutes ago, Andreas76 said:

Can unraid do the formatting or do I need to run it manually.  

Install the Unassigned Devices and Unassigned Devices Plus plugins to manage and format the USB.


There is a sample backup script in the Unassigned Devices support thread.  It will backup whatever you designated in the script as soon as you plug in the USB drive.



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Helllo Hoopster


Thanks for the reply.  I clearly did not explain myself well.  I  am sorry for that.  I already have that plugin installed


Odd I dont see the Unassigned Devices Plus plugin installed though.  I tried to re-install it and it said it was already installed.  How do you get Unassigned Devices Plus plugin installed?



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4 minutes ago, Andreas76 said:

OK i found it now.   (sorry still learning unraid and its oddities)

👍 Docker containers and plugins are all found under the Apps tab (Community Applications) as you now know.


There is a direct way of installing them, but, Apps is the easiest way to find what you are looking for and to just explore what is available.

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