Avoid Ransomware, use SFTP instead of SMB -> Leads to Permissions problem?


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I had an idea to avoid ransomware from attacking both my main computer and my UnRaid. I figured that if I got ransomware on my main Windows computer and the UnRaid shares were mounted on my Windows machine, then the ransomware would infect the UnRaid too.


To avoid this, I mounted the shares as read only for my account with SMB, and then ran backups from Windows to UnRaid over SFTP with my backup software Beyond Compare. The problem is that the permissions for the files copied with SFTP don't match the UnRaid default of "nobody:users" and instead show up as "root:root".


Is there a way for me to set it up so that when I copy files using SFTP, all the the files have the right permissions? I've attached a screenshot of files copied using SMB (above) and SFTP (below).


Or, alternatively, is there another way to do what I want (avoiding ransomware taking over both computers simultaneously) that I haven't thought of?


Thanks in advance.

2020-10-21 01_34_05-Tower - noVNC.png

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Thanks for the suggestion, Frank, but that wouldn't work in my case as I run a file/folder comparison backup, so it checks to see what the differences are and copies over only the files it needs. I don't use my Unraid for just Music or Movies, I use it for my entire computer backup with hundreds thousands of folders for various things.

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