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For a large share, spanning several disks, using cache_pool=yes, allocation_method=fillup, and split_level=top_two... I don't know if this is due to Mover or the way I use the SMB or occasionally do manual 'rsync -avX' between disks, but when I check  'stat' on split directories, the modify timestamps are mismatching for some but identical for others. (I am only using user shares; never enabled disk shares.)


    1. How is it intended to be maintained? (i.e. Should they ever differ? Is it okay for it to differ?)

    2. Which modified date is given to the Windows SMB when they do differ? (first disk index takes priority?)

    3. Is there some method/command to synchronize the modified_date across all parts of all split directories?


I looked into using unBalance plugin but it doesn't run as root and I'm worried whether it deals with the above issues 'correctly' (whatever that may mean). Also I was worried about security because the unBalance page doesn't present a user login screen (does it use the same cookie?).


I have since changed to split_level=manual but I know it only affects future writes to the share, it does not work retroactively and there is currently no built-in way for Unraid to re-adjust it. I wish there was tho. A way to tell Mover which disk to use for each directory, and for it to 'gather' for you.

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