slow internet speed while writing to disk


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Hey unraid friends,


so i am a bit amazed as i set up my gigabit internet connection.

I wondered why my internet is so slow while downloading to unraid and i found out that there is a very strange behavior while downloading from the internet to a disk.


so but 1 after the other: 

My downloads folder is set up like this and has cache drive enabled




if i download to /dev/null - it is very fast - gigabit 😄



if i download to the cache drive it is half so fast, but fast



if I download to a share /mnt/user/Downlaoads it is so slow like a LAN Party in the 90th



But if i upload a file from my network to that same share /usr/mnt/Downloads is has full speed




So here is my one and only question to save my day:



Thank you so much I appreciate your help a lot!



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