HB1235 for a storage bay

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so..  I am a canadian and have been searching for a solution for storage..  im finding a hard time getting anything decent for under the $1000 mark by the time its at my door..   I have a bunch of seagate 8tb drives and a bunch of smaller ones from various companies..    I need something to put all my drives in

I have a HP DL380P Gen8 with dual E5-2697 V2 cpus and 256gb of DDR3 ram..     I use this box for running game servers for me and friends to play on and for media that i host at home and for friends..  

I have been looking at buying the 12 bay LFF front face and swapping it out.. but its about $300 landed at my door..    plus time that I dont really have to swap it..

There is a server store that has these HB1235 boxes.. and can put one with trays cables and a controller card shipped to my door for about $625 all in..  they say it will do HBA passthrough so i can use the drives as i wish..

has anyone used these?   is there anything I am missing?  is there something better for this price range?

I am tempted to pick up a 2nd box and run it in raid just to get some protection for my media library...  smart? stupid idea?  thoughts?

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2 hours ago, Newtious said:

I have been looking at buying the 12 bay LFF front face

What current front face config ?


2 hours ago, Newtious said:

about $625

Cost reasonable. But those hardware are proprietary and not easy maintenance if fault.


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