[SOLVED] Expand Windows Volume (incorrect partition order)

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So I am just moving my gaming rig into a VM and I went to expand my Vdisk from 100G to 200G following Spaceinvader One video



However, The windows recovery partition is in the wrong place, so I can't extend the C drive. Is there a way to manage the partitions in a Vdisk, so I can move it out of the way?





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On 10/28/2020 at 6:53 AM, gray squirrel said:

Fixed, just used a free partition management tool and moved the recover Partition to the end.

I am facing the same issue (and even an additional).


1) What tool did you use and what partition did you move?


2) Oddly enough, mine even shows 4 partitions? Two data/boot partitions that I plan to merge. 1 system partition and 2 (!) recovery partitions. When right-click, it only shows "help". Can I delete it?



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On 1/24/2021 at 3:09 PM, steve1977 said:

Thanks. Do you also have two recovery partitions and did you delete one?

Any thoughts on above? I still have two recovery partitions and wondering whether I should delete one? That's on-top of the boot/data partition and the system partition.

And on separate note, I had tried to expand the disk further. It changed from 1.5TB to 2.0TB, but this didn't do anything. I then tried 1.8TB instead, but it changes it to 2TB automatically. The disk size though stays at 1.5TB and no additional unallocated space exists in disk manager.

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