****solved trouble getting Putty public key to work for passwordless SSH to unraid


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Hi All I had this working sometime ago but my keys in windows dispapeared

I am trying to use the Puttygen tool to generate a new public key for my unraid server
here is what im doing please enlighten me if i messed up somewhere:

i run the puttygen to make a key and save it to a ppk and public file

i copy the public key to my authorized_keys file on unraid at /root/.ssh/authorized_keys
I set up putting to use the public file under SSH/Auth in putty.

I open putty and it wont autofill anything and still requires user and password to connect

my Linux Laptop on Fedora 32 works without any issues using the ssh-copy-id command but putty doesnt support ssh-copy-id

any help would be very much appreciated

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