Ability to create environment variables/file for use in Docker containers

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Similar to how you can create a .env file when using docker-compose, in other projects I would put a number of variables in here that I could use across a number of containers and reference them with ${VARIABLE_NAME}


I use Traefik as my reverse proxy, setting up all those labels was a bit time consuming, setting up new containers would be simplified if I could have label values stored as variables that I could reference. If I ever change my host, I have a LOT of containers to update vs updating a single variable

Also when testing mysql containers with predefined username and password. I'm sure there are plenty more use cases


A small section on the Docker tab to allow managing of variables, and then of course the ability to then use them when creating/editing a container


In addition, Docker also allows using a file with the --env-file option, I know I could do this up manually but a nice front end to create/manage them would be handy.. but perhaps asking to much now 



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Hey bud, I am struggling to get Traefik 2 up and running on my unRAID install, how did you insert the environment variables. I get errors related to the ACME cert grab as it is trying to login with @gmail.com instead of [email protected].  I also cannot get the container's web interface up.  I have a separate docker network called 'proxynet' so all the containers that will go through the reverse proxy can communicate.  I also changed unraid's web interface away from 80 and 443, so that traefik can use those ports.  Could you please send me a photo of your docker-compose file and or what the web interface in unRAID to edit the container looks like.  Plus the container need traefik.yml.  Any help would be appreciated.  I tried getting nginx proxy man up and running with Atuthelia and have run into issues, so now I am looking at Traefik to handle reverse proxying and google Oauth instead of Authelia.  Any help just getting the traefik continer to show its interface would be much appreciated.

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