Gigabyte B550 gamingX passthrough

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Has anyone built an unraid system on this board?

Can't pass through windows to a gt1030 graphics card.


Black screen.


I'll answer my own question to a point.

Couldn't get it to pass through using the Rom bias.

Went back to "Old School" and used a second graphics card.

That worked ok.


Not happy though. That means that if I wanted to pass through a second VM, no slots left.


Unless they fix it in bias, I'd say this is my last b550 build.


X570 works ok.


So the outstanding question is, has anyone passed through to the GPU using a single card and rom bias?


I'm yet to do the experiment but I just built a system on a gigabyte x570 gaming x board and also had trouble with a gt1030 board.


I have previously used the same bios in a gen2  ryzen and it worked fine.


So on the x570 I extracted the bios from the card and it worked.


Possibly this is the same issue on the B550 board.


Will record here if it works.



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