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So im getting ready to build a NAS and im thinking of using UnRaid.

I'm getting 14 6tb SAS drives out of work i have a bunch of hostbus adapter cards ready to go and have already had a brief play with unRaid

Want i want to do is install 13 HDDs in the array, have 2 partiy drives and a cold spare, i then want to install 4 500gb SSDs and finally a 500gb M.2 NVME as fast cache

Can i create pools of disks so for example have the spinning disks as pool 1 and the SSDs as pool 2. The video library doesn't need fast storage but i wanted to keep documents such as CAD models of faster storage


Does all that sound viable?


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4 hours ago, Mav359 said:

Can i create pools of disks so for example have the spinning disks as pool 1 and the SSDs as pool 2

The 6.9.0 beta does allow multiple cache pools so you can set up your 4 500GB SSDs as one pool and and the M.2 cache as a separate "pool."  A pool can have just one drive or multiple drives.  You can assign different pools to different shares.


You can have certain shares designated to basically always live in a cache pool and never get moved to the array, or you can use the cache pools as temporary landing spot for downloads or write caching when new files are added to the array.


The 6.9.0 beta does not yet allow multiple array pools but it does support multiple cache pools.


There is also the flexibility of unassigned devices which are drives (usually SSDs) which are not assigned to the array or a cache pools but are still accessible in the unRAID system.  These are often used for hosting VMs, backup uses,  downloads, etc.

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Hi guys thanks for the replies, sorry been swamped

Im used to using Dell Equallogic SANs in work and they have array storage mixed with 15k SAS and SATA 7.2k, we used to have the DBs Volumes only on the SAS Pool cause it was quicker read writes. The 6tb SAS drives are 7.2k also coming from one of the arrays.


At home i currently use an old thecus which only has SATA drives in it so its not an option

Cheers for all the help

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