Can't get 100% CPU usage

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This issue was brought up here, but just kind of ended with no real solution:



Using both avidemux or handbrake, I can't get docker containers to utilize the CPU 100%.


In handbrake, changed encoder settings from "fast" to "medium" and "high quality" but nothing.


Tried with both pinning 4 core+ht and no pinning, but still can't get it to utilize more than a bit over 50%:


Even tried prime95 but seeing similar results where CPU is not being utilized fully.


This is my third unraid build, first with a E5-1231v3 and then a Ryzen 9 x3900 - which was then subsequently downgraded to the current build (E5-1278v3 + chinese x99 mb).  All previous builds cpu would be at a 100% when using handbrake or avidemux.


I feel like it's a bios settings somewhere I'm not aware of, or a system wide setting that's missing.


Attached diags, any help would be appreciated.

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