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8 hours ago, lincolnliu said:

I am not sure what you mean by using the P4 as console GPU because it doesn’t have any IO ports. Which is why I put in a separate GPU for BIOS

Ah, my bad, I thought that the P4 has outputs too.


8 hours ago, lincolnliu said:

I am going to try disable c state, will also try passing it through to my windows 11 VM to see if I can get it working there to rule out a hardware issue.  Will report back.

Hope it isn't a hardware fault, but AMD platforms and Nvidia cards can be a bit "difficult" at least.

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6 hours ago, TDA said:

the power consumption of my tesla p4 (which was in idle 7W) is now 24W

Is this before anything transcoded on Plex or after something transcoded there?


5 hours ago, TDA said:

Never configured any script as I'm aware of - since I'm using the GPU only for PLEX.

The described issue above was most certainly the case also on anything below the beta series because if you don't have nvidia-persistenced run on boot (in the go file or as @ConnerVT mentioned in a user script) with this line:



The cause of the issue is the card doesn't know that it is already in a state where the OS is fully booted since there is no desktop environment on Unraid and if nothing ever transcoded after the boot process the card will always draw more power. However after something used the card or nvidia-persistenced is used the card will drop tho a lower power state than P0 <- highest power state (something like P8 <- lowest power state) and it will draw less power.

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