Unraid Nvidia???


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Same, however I need 6.9 support now due to getting a threadripper CPU (3rd Gen) But I am suppriesed how many people that used plex/unraid were unaware of this option. I ran into the issue and a few google searches later I found this and been using it since. (I just got the rep crested ones and they work flawlesly)


Glad I could help

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It was actually really easy. I downloaded the:

Unraid Custom nVidia builtin v6.8.3: Download
(nVidia driver: 450.66)


Once downloaded I extraced the files into a folder. Then shutdown unraid. removed the USB, pluged the USB into my PC. Made a backup of the USB files to a folder on my desktop. (Just incase it was needed)


Once that was done, I took the files from the folder that was unziped from the download and copied them to the root of my USB. It will ask to ovewrite the old files. I said yes. once done, I reomeved the USB from my pc and put it into unradi server and booted it back up. And was up and running without issue.


Then to verify the drivers are updated, open the terminal window in unraid and run: nvidia-smi


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