Yet another log file filling up problem, apologies!


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Hi. As per title. I do apologise for yet another one of these posts. I did do several search's beforehand but non of them seemed to cover what was going wrong with my system. The log filling has started maybe a few weeks ago, and as reported a reboot usually seems to sort it for a while now. Since yesterday though I've been getting docker error message (Execution Error, error code 403). This first started happening when I was trying to fix Sonarr which has been playing up badly (out of the blue stopped working, would download the shows and move them somewhere (never to be seen again). NZGGet has been downloading movies and not repairing them properly (even tho I can use a win laptop to run Quickpar and extract using Winrar). I'm just wondering at this stage is it worth biting the bullet and buying a new USB stick and doing a fresh install from scratch of all my Dockers/Plugins? Would anyone be kind enough to have a look at my diagnostics and tell me where I'm going wrong (been using this setup for nearly 10 years now! I had a quick look myself and can see loads of errors and things that don't look right but have no idea how to correct them. Usually I'd find the answers to any of my problems by trawling this site but I'm stuck now!


Thanks for your help. Indeed now, and over the past 10 years :)

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