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PRIOR TO FIRST RUN - If you don't you may need to wipe all files in the 3 paths and start again.


  1. Set all Ports via the variables on the template prior to first run.
    • My default Ports are set non-standard to avoid other used ports.
    • These setting works great on my network, AP adoption, etc. and likely will with yours.
  2. Set the 3 paths to your cache or unassigned drive.
    • I have heard permission issues come from using the array paths.
  3. In Advanced check the "WebUI" URL is you changed my default ports.

Please let me know if you need any assistance.

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First up, thanks for the docker! I've been waiting for a docker app that supports Omada Controller v4.  Right now, I'm running a windows vm just to get the controller.  Anyway, I tired installing your docker but I must be doing something wrong.  Any thoughts?


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Hi there couple questions.


  1. Were you able to create paths on your system for the three paths required?
  2. Were those paths on your array or in a cache or unassigned drive?


My 3 paths are on an unassigned drive versus in the array and I have heard there could be permission issues if on the array. Reading those logs it appears to me it can't write into the paths.


Happy to continue to help, I do have it running over here so we can get there!


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