Cannot provision SSL certificate (error 403) with Ubiquiti Edgerouter 4 & ATT Fiber


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I've spent several hours over several days trying to fix this, and I've found other posts on these forums about the problem but none of them have fixed my problem.


When I try to click the provision button under 'Management Access' for an SSL certificate I get the following error.



This resolves to in a ping



I've tried to follow the suggestion in the help section of unraid, and also from the forums by specifying 'rebind-domain-ok=/' to allow dns rebinding on that address.



You can see I also specify the google DNS servers, which I've confirmed are being used



I'm completely stumped...  anybody have additional resources/suggestions I can follow?

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Hmm... OK, the fact that this resolves for you:
means that rebind protection is not an issue.


But for some reason it resolves to instead of the server's IP of I was thinking perhaps you had two network cards in your system but that doesn't seem to be the case.


Any chance you are in a double-nat situation, behind two routers?

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My current path for the server is (Unraid Server) -> (Dumb switch - Eth1) -> (EdgeRouter 4) -> (ONT)


I have hairpin/loopback NAT disabled




I do have a masquerade for outbound traffic to VLAN eth0.0, not sure if that qualifies as a double NAT.



Edit: I got my set up working without the masquerade, still no luck...

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12 hours ago, lman30 said:

So I've tried resorting to the last recommendation under help to just make an entry for in the hosts file, and it STILL gives me an error when trying to provision.

Changing the hosts file on the Unraid machine won't do anything... you would need to change the hosts file on the machine you're using to browse the Unraid UI.  Also, I would completely close your web browser after that to clear any dns caching it might store.

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Oh okay, guess I don't understand the provisioning process too well.


I tried creating an entry at C:\Windows\System32\drivers\etc\hosts on the PC I'm using to access unraid



It doesn't take ~30 seconds to fail like before; it responds in less than a second but I still get the same error.  I've verified my machine resolves the address properly.



So frustrating!!! 

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