Nextcloud Error when assembling chunks, status code 504


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Over the past 2 days I have read a lot about this topic and have learned about the NGINX web server.  I have attempted to update my config.php and my php-local.ini file to solved the issue but nothing has worked.  I can't even seam to move a folder size of 4GB without generating 1.) An unknown error has occurred OR 2.) Error when assembling chunks, status code 504.  I desperately need help.


Total description of my setup.

Home Network: Fios

Unifi hardware:


USG-3P Gateway

8Port Switch



My system:

UnRaid OS

AMD Ryzen 7 1800X Eight-Core 3700 MHz

Memory 16 GB DDr4

Cache 256 GB


mariadb - Server version: 10.4.17-MariaDB

netcloud - installed 11/16 can't find ver

swag - installed 11/16 can'f find ver


When attempting to upload with Chrome, Firefox or Safari, I generate the error codes on files as small as 2GB

When attempting to sync using the nextcloud client I still get a red line readout from the sync with 504 errors


I can supply log files.  I just need a solution and can not find one.  Is there a solution to the Error when assembling chunks, status code 504.   Can someone point me to it?  Do I need to increase any hardware?


Please NO apache reference, I am new to this and they will only serve to confuse....



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So I discovered by changing the container share solved my issue. Removing the cache stops the error messages.

1. I created another share called nextcloud and didn't add it to cache

2. I moved all three containers to the new share: mariadb, nextcloud, swag

I am not clever enough to figure out why this worked, however I've moved 2GB  and up to 21GB with no errors.  I did receive an error when attempting to move a 37GB file.


Because I moved from Qnap to Nextcloud there were a few very large files, however, 20GB with no error works for me.

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