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Moving files with Krusader

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I've just built a new server/array and because of some hardware failures in my old array, i'll be moving everything over from each disk to the shares in the new array using Krusader.  my question is, should i turn off "use cache" on the share i'm copying to?  I'm going to be moving several TB at a time and my cache has only 500gb free.  I believe that without cache, it'll write straight to disk and be slower, but i'll be filling up the cache in minutes anyway.  any advice?

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Couple Options I found:

It is as simple as changing the parity drive to "no device" and then starting the array.  If you do that you have to rebuild parity when you reassign it again.



You can't simply disable parity. What you can do is a New Config and simply not assign a parity drive.

Make sure you note which drive is the parity drive. Once that is done just assign your data drives to the new array and leave the Parity unassigned. Then you can copy data to the array and it will copy much faster as I describe in my above posts.

When you're ready to protect everything, just Stop the Array, assign the parity disk, and let it do a parity sync.

Then you're all done and ready to do a parity check to confirm all went well.

Remember, for any existing data on the Array (if any) you will be running unprotected while you're copying all your data to the array so make sure you have good backups of any of that data!


Check out that thread and see what you think :)


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