Is there a setting to limit how much cache space can be used by share writing?


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Just testing out unraid. It seems to be very promising. 


I have one problem that,  writing to the share and the mover job can happen at the same time, if I put a large cache drive say 500GB or 1TB into the box, and have a writing job say 2TB in the progress keeps hammering the cache drive for long time, then the mover kicks in to read, this situation could bring the cache drive's temperature to close 60 celsius which is really bad ( already have the best cooling I could give for it). 


So I wonder if there's a setting to limit how much cache space can be used for share writing?

The the limit has reached then switch to write to the array directly so the cache drive could rest and cool down. 

When the mover kicks in hourly and the files have been moved to the array, maybe the current share writing could switch back to use the cache or the next writing job


For example a 500GB cache drive, I'll allocate 100GB for share writing cache, 300GB for vm and docker stuff, and keep 100GB spare space to ensure performance.


Thank you. 

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In Global Share Settings, there is a Minimum Free setting for cache. You should set that to larger than the largest file you expect to write to cache, then any cache-yes User Shares will overflow to the array.


But, note that Mover is really intended for idle time. If you need to write more than cache will hold, don't cache at all.

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