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Help!!! (I cannot get windows vm to run)

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Sorry to call on you guys again.

but I having trouble with setting up a windows VM.

the farthest I got so far is I got to the windows installer choose a C : drive location and entering a licence key then it rebooted a few mins after and then I got to a UEFI shell text screen that doesn't seem to go any where


yesterday I didn't even get to the ms installer 

my 1st issue was a blank screen which I found out was down to I thought I switched the onboard graphics as primary. So when I went to the bios that said it was set to PCIe so i switched that back.


So, that fixed the blank/black screen, phew.

This is when I 1st encountered the UEFI shell text screen after you hit any key to boot from cd

and it responded by putting up a text screen which doesn't seem to respond to the keyboard i tried hitting ESCAPE and typing exit to no luck there?


this is when I thought I will totally start again today:

checked the graphics in the bios that the onboard is primary and the virtual settings are enabled, which they are still.

redone the VIFO config tool.

graphics selected

graphics sound card selected

M.2 drives selected

and the USB3 card selected.


all in there own iommu groups thanks to the override in the vm manager set to downstream it separated out what was required.


I even used a freshly downloaded win 10 iso file from the microsoft site media creation tool.


and today got as far a couple of minutes after entering the licence key.


Please if anyone can point me to what i am doing wrong? or away to fix this, PLEASE, Please I would very much like to hear from you.......


PS: I have enclosed the VM log and the two screens one being the progress made and the other is that UEFI screen!  :(

UEFI shell v2 text SCREEN.JPG


vm log.rtf

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Okay I will have a go. I just had a quick look at the video whilst trying to make sandwich disappear it looks quite involved is there a away to run the bootloader/clover image to install on to the ssd and still have the bootlaoder still in place?

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Since you started this new thread I have locked your other thread and linked this one.


Please don't post in multiple threads about the same thing. It makes it impossible to coordinate responses.


"Crossposting" has been considered bad form on message boards since before the World Wide Web.

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Sorry about that. I have a bit of an update I had to start with making a virtual drive which the video later copies over to the m.2.

I got passed the windows installer and when I got to the drivers the display driver started updating and then it crashed!

so I am going to reattempt this later on this eve.

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I am well and truly stuck, please help.


Something is not right, this is now the 2nd time this has happened I installed the windows on virtual disk in the automatic location (auto). 

installed the missing drivers when I got onto the desktop and the graphics driver from AMD gets to downloading packages and then the screen goes black in this instance I can not do the normal fix of remove the card and use the onboard since that is in use by unread being the host system. to go back in and remove /roll back the driver.


What could I be doing wrong or missing to get installing a display driver that knocks out the display???


PLEASE, PLEASE any suggestions are more than welcome to get a true AMD driver to work rather than the microsoft's basic display driver.


the card is correctly in the slot since I was getting a display before installing the the amd driver.

the power cable are plugged in one 8pin connector using 6pin+2pin.


the model of the gpu sapphire amd Radeon RX 580 8gb.

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I have looked and the top result of that suggested search as the guy managed to solve his but I do not get how???


I have heard about the VFIO-PCI plugging installed this is how I was able to select the NVME drive and the USB3 card for the VM. I knew to get each item into it's own IOMMU Group which the Ovride option I found in the VM Manger set to downstream achieved the desired groupings. I had not realised that you need to select the GPU+GPUsound as well! due to unread saw the graphics card in the drop down menu. (I think I will try this next).


other info:

the primary video device is the onboard in the bios

the card is in the 1st 16x on the board.

power supply is a 1000watt PSU this is what helped me get the system to become stable and it also identified the one of the drives had failed, so that is now replaced.

the 8pin is being supplied by a 6-2pin power cable nothing else connected to the cable.



I really hope it is that simple to fix.


where the topic goes to syslinux and a XML from the VM and the diagnostics file from the host this is where I get completely lost. Sorry.


If this is the problem I am only to need help.


Also, this seems slightly to be different, as I got into a completely fresh installed desktop screen.

but the networking drivers, and a system device where missing

so I installed the drivers from E: virtio-win-0.1.173-2

which looks like there are working fine.

but the display driver is Microsofts own basic display driver.

So as you would on a pc you would install AMD or Nvidia driver, I thought the same applied to a virtual Machine?

so I downloaded the application AMD's adrenalin 2020edition (auto detect from their website).


and let it run it downloaded what it needed but just after that stage the screen goes black, and doesn't return.


the annoying thing is that this is the only video source to fall back on because the onboard is taken by the host the unraid system.


I have also look at:




I Have not to the stage in this suggested video to use the PCIE to M.2 NVME SSD as the VM's Hard drive yet.

from what I gather:

!: clone the virtual disk to the m.2 (due to the screen going black on me when installing the AMD display driver).

2: edited some thing so when the VM is off the m.2 drive become a share? (I would not mind if this didn't happen).

3: edit a boot loader a clover image (?).

4: should be done and dusted for windows (but I would like to repeat this for a linux mint vm with another NVME drive. (I have not got a clue on this point)).


As I said I will try again with the VFIO PCI config pluggin with the gpu&gpu sound selected there.

SO, PLEASE PLEASE anything else to try, or that i have over looked?

Or if comes to syslinux and a XML from the VM and the diagnostics file from the host, please bare with me as I am still new to this.


But Please I would be grateful for any help


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