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Blacklist means the GUID for the flash had been used before to license Unraid but that license has been transferred to another flash drive and its GUID.


Or it could mean the GUID isn't unique.


Where did you get this flash drive? Had someone already used it for Unraid?

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2 hours ago, Smorand said:

I run on the PRO version of UNRAID, I actually migrated to a higher capacity USB key after installation.
USB stick on which the server has been running for over a year.

What. Brand of USB stick is giving this error?   Some manufacturers save on manufacturing cost of their USB sticks by re-using GUIDs so are not suitable for being licenced for a Unraid use.

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7 hours ago, Smorand said:

The strangest thing is that I just realized that I never installed the new Kingston brand key purchased for this purpose.
So this is the key I have been using since acquiring Unraid.

Except that you transferred the registration to the new Kingston.


When you upgrade next, this will happen again.  IMO, use the Kingston

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