Maybe time to upgrade my Supermicro Server with Dual X5690

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So I have been running this for a good few years for plex, a few vms and family back up.


However its quite dated and want to improve power usage and overall efficiency. I actually have 2 identical chassis with same Supermicro board but one has a faulty CPU socket.

So I can strip that and put something new in there. Before migrating disks over. But with what is the question... I keep seeing posts about Ryzen builds... Should I go dual cpu again, have to make the jump to DDR4 but is going ECC going to cost too much?


Current machine in signature. Would love some opinions 

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I am not an expert in Unraid, I have been busy testing it for 4 days on my ASUS Z8NA-D6 which at 2 xeon 5675. I had also a few months ago tried unraid on a supermicro server with 2 xeon 5690 , the consumption of the two CPUs remains much higher than the new AMD Ryzen 9.


this configuration to date is no longer worth investing, it is better to switch to a new generation and obviously DDR4.



after that depends on what you are looking for, decrease energy consumption, noise and also the performance you need.

for me, I leave my Z8NA-D6 which has served me well but it remains limited in the instructions. currently I run natively under Win10 and MOJAVE (MacOsx) and of course Unraid for my first steps.



I turn to the MSI X570MEG ACE with Ryzen 9, this is in full study, because the configuration must be able to go under Win10 and MacOsx with the Nvme. but it has a budget.



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that's why we must switch to a more recent version.


did you use your 12 HDD slots? on my old X8dtu-6tf I had 16 HDD slots, now I only use 8 SAS HDD on my Z8NA-D6 with pike2808 , but I would like to still be able to use my drives on my new config, SAS is better than SATA on the lifetime.



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i just upgraded from dual E5-52670's (V1) to:


Fujitsu LGA2011-3 single cpu motherboard Intel C612 chipset, accepts E5-16XX-V3/V4 and E5-26XX-V3/V4 CPU's

Seller accepts $140 offer and the boards are brand new with lots of features including tons of PCie slots and a 16x slot that supports 4x/4x/4x/4x bifurcation and booting from NVME on PCIE adapter. has 10 onboard SATA ports.


Board documentation:

Note: this is the -B2 version that standard ATX size and standard ATX power connection.



single Xeon E5-2680 V4 14c/28t 2.4Ghz base freq, all core turbo=2.9Ghz, two core turbo=3.3ghz $159 here:


I made a spreadsheet to help pick out the best Xeon E5 V3/V4 for your application (cores? Clockspeed?) :


RAM: 32GB DDR4 2400 registered ECC certified by mobo manufacturer: $95 per stick:


I did 4 RAM sticks for Quad channel memory. You can also get certified 16GB sticks for $50.


I dropped over 120 watts compared to my dual E5-2670 build per my UPS stats. Only lost 2 cores/4 threads but gained DDR4 performance and other V4 processing improvements. 






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On 12/2/2020 at 7:20 PM, bally12345 said:

Yes I have used all slots except one just to keep free if something goes wrong.

I have £500 budget so looking for the following:
CPU (x2) if going dual possibly iGPU
DDR4 upto 64GB

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I think that with this KC8FLB config, you fit into your budget and I don't think you will have better, the idea is good. you at least switch to DDR4 and you have the new instructions that the X5690 does not have. now as it is from ATX, I don't think it will fit well to place it in your 2U which normally is in E-ATX? look at the fixing points and back plate.



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