Solved - GT-1030 passthrough - display stutters slow


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I followed space invaders video, and the passthrough of the 1030 GPU and usb controller was seamless.  This won't be a gaming pc for me, just general use, but I still want to use my ultra wide monitor, so I got the Nvidia MSI GT1030 as my graphics card.  Hopefully this was not a mistake.


My problem is that the display stutters, is slow, drags, nothing smooth about it, this is just general use, not gaming.



- It passes through fine, using either DisplayPort or HDMI.  The graphics looks fine, if I don't open a browser.

- When I try to load YouTube, the video buffers extremely slow, and playback is choppy, 

- Windows menu, mouse movement is jittery and display lags.


1. I've updated to the latest version of the Nvidia drivers.

2. I don't think I need to pass through VBIOS, as I don't have an issue with blank screen.

3. For some reason, even though I choose NVIDIA as my primary graphics card in VM settings, it defaults to secondary.  Inside windows when I want to adjust my display, it always looks for a second screen, which is IF I use VNC, which I don't start... don't know if this is relevant.


Further notes.

- In my BIOS I have my IGPU set as primary, NVIDIA set as secondary.

- I do a Windows hardware performance check in the windows box (that old tool that was available with win 7), (CPU = 9, Memory = 9, Disk = 9, Display = 2). This is all probably related.

- I ran the msi patch and enabled anything that says GPU, no change.




Solved - It was GPU pinning.


Any help at all will be much appreciated.


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