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Coming from QNAP and Thecus to Unraid, I find one important feature missing:  A simple means of identifying drives by physical location in the chassis.


I recommend that Unraid implement a feature where a user could help Unraid construct a graphic representation of drive location by providing the following:


Horizontal or vertical drives?

Number of rows?

Number of columns?

Then provide a means for the user to map controllers to physical disk locations (perhaps SCSI device numbers if those don't change).





Vertical drive orientation, 1 row, 5 columns



Horizontal drive orientation, 6 rows, 4 columns



Horizontal drive orientation, 5 rows, 1 column.


I am not suggesting that the Unraid GUI provide a photorealistic representation, just line drawings that repeat horizontal and vertical rectangles to represent the relative locations of drives, with red/green indicators to show drives being bad/good. 


Rather than having to shut down the Unraid server and pull the drives out one at a time searching for a serial number, the user could be presented with an image that showed them precisely which drive had failed.


I know that this would not address every possible configuration, and that various customers have mixed vertical and horizontal orientation drives, sometimes in multiple chassis.  But it would help a very large percentage of Unraid customers.


Note:  I recognize that there are ways to identify which drives are in which physical locations, including high-tech solutions utilizing Post-Its, label makers, sketches, etc. This is a feature request for those who find those methods lacking.

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