Parity Upgrade (SOLVED)

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I found a bunch of threads and even the "Parity Swap Procedure" Wiki article.  However, none of them seem to cover a straight replacement of the Parity drive to a larger drive.  My current drive is 6TB and I want to upgrade the Parity drive to a larger 10TB drive.


What's the best way to handle the upgrade and maintain protection for the array during the upgrade?  Should the new Parity drive be precleared?


I read that parity drive 2 is different than parity 1, so I'm assuming I don't want to do it that way.  Can I just stop the array, shutdown the server, remove the current parity drive, assign the new drive as the parity drive and let it rebuild?


Since I'll still have parity drive 1, it would still keep the array safe during the rebuild.

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So the swap is complete and parity has been rebuilt showing 0 errors.  Is a parity check necessary or is that implied when rebuilding parity?


The Dashboard says "Last check completed on Fri 11 Dec 2020 09:54:01 AM EST (today), finding 0 errors."


I just want to make sure I'm good before I add the old parity drive back to the array as a data disk.

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