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Hi All,


So I know this has been covered at nauseum, but for the life of me I cant seem to crack this.


My current top DL speed across multiple torrents never really crack 5MBs and I've been hearing that with PIA (Which is what I have) other people can get 50MBs which would be sweet ! (I'm also aware I wouldn't get to 50MBs as my top bandwidth is around 47ish MBs)


My details are as follows:-


Upload Speed test result - 43097kb

Download Speed test result - 14784kb

PIA Endpoint - Czech Republic.


Would anyone be able to share what, in their opinion would be the best settings to maximise DL speed in Deluge-VPN.


I also haven't opened any ports on my router (Not sure if this would help or not)


If your feeling extra specially generous you can use the above speeds as a base line ?


@binhex - All of your dockers are ace !!!! maybe you could let me know what your recommended settings would be ?






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21 minutes ago, Big Dan T said:

I also haven't opened any ports on my router (Not sure if this would help or not)

good, dont do this.


lots of reasons for low speeds, see Q6 here:-


this is best discussed in my support thread, so please respond in the link found by left clicking the container icon and click on 'Support'

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