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My server had a small fire, how can I salvage my data with array disks that are throwing errors?

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Ok, so long story short, don't say it can't happen to you.


I have been buying parts to do a server upgrade the last few weeks and was planning on building it this weekend (nothing amazing this time around, just some rosewill hot-swap bays in my old antec 900 case, upgraded cache drives + better power supply and larger HBA).


In preparation for this I was playing musical power supplies with my computers and decided to put one in the server for a few days that met the specs but needed an EPS extended cable. Some can guess where this ended up:




Luckily I was home to smell the burning and shut things down BUT before that happened the server had already rebooted itself and looks like it might of hurt the HBA and/or possibly one of the drives.


I ran a memtest and it checked out so thinking the mobo/cpu/ram is ok. Doesn't look like anything shorted, just melted to the point there would of been low voltage / brownout.


So my questions.


1: What happens if it keeps detecting errors on the 2nd array disk? I am not actively using the array.


2: Is it possible to mount the encrypted cache pool outside unraid so I can pull the data, I was going to ditch that pool anyways.


Learn from my mistake, don't trust cheap china power cables, we all know molded sata cables are bad, well even molex style cables can be bad, these wires are way too thin.


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Update, I remove and re-seated all the cables / drives after noticing a bunch of CRC errors on a few drives. I then started unraid and this time it seems to be working, drives mounted without errors and the cache is working, copying files off it now. I think the HBA was not fully seated, it seemed to press in a bit further.


Looks like it is just teething pains from the new setup and possibly a bad bay in one of the hot swap caddies.

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Off topic, I figured out a design flaw int he rosewill drive cages. They are about ~2-2.5mm too short so that the drive are not fully seated unless you really press on them after closing the latch.


I simply folded up some paper until it was about 2.5mm thick and put it behind the backplan PCB to push it forward a bit and now they all seat fully when closed.

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