NIC support for Intel NUC 10 series

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Unraid (nor any Linux variant I believe) does not support the Intel I219-V Gigabit LAN built-in NIC that is part of the Intel NUC 10th generation (Comet Lake).


I have an Intel NUC 10i5FNH, and Unraid would boot but could not recognize or load a driver for the gigabit ethernet NIC natively and so could not pull an IP address.


I have been able to run a trial license of Unraid using a USB3 hub with gigabit ethernet (ASIX Electronics Corp. AX88179 Gigabit Ethernet) which is supported, and Unraid can pull an IP through that connection.  Obviously it would be preferable to use the built-in ethernet!  Please let me know if you are able to implement a drive for the Intel NUC 10th gen NIC (Intel I219-V Gigabit LAN).


Thanks in advance.



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2 hours ago, Ford Prefect said:

...see here: 


in short: ...try the beta or - unfortunately for a NUC without the ability to add a PCIe card - stay with the external  NIC until beta becomes the next stable version.

Got it.  Thanks for the quick reply.  Thunderbolt PCIe 10GbE on the way -- will also give that a shot.

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